I am sorry I’ve been missing for a while, and I hope with all my heart that you and your loved ones are well. It is time to resume a new rhythm and face what is now called  the “new normal”.


We are all getting back up on our feet and we are starting to hear about something called the “new normal”, and although the next few months are looking way better than the previous ones, this new dimension is forcing us to question our priorities, and adapt to a new reality.

This makes us:

  • Spend more time at home and cut down on fun and outdoor  activities
  • Travel less often
  • Seek more time to connect with family and loved ones

Although you can enjoy being at home  living on your own, with your family or with your roommates, these new limitations can generate worry and anxiety. What most of us do when we are afraid is to take refuge in the love of the people we care for the most. And since we can’t travel to be together physically, we have all used video calls like never before in our lives.

Life-saving technology!

There are those who have worked out every day following their coaches’ live stories on Instagram, those who have visited museums thanks to virtual tours, those who have realized that their next home better has a garden. For those of us who live abroad, even though we have been away from our families for years, there have never been so many calls with our parents and happy hours with friends, toasting with our phones or computer screens. 

new normal


Andre and I have also gone through all these moments and reflections, and as it surely has happened to you, we have also found ourselves at the same crossroads as any other entrepreneur: reinvent yourself or die.

Thus, we have put aside the 2020 projects for which we had worked so hard in 2019 and launched into the Virtual Cooking adventure. For our online cooking and baking sessions, we have experimented with a method that suits our philosophy and mission better than a live on social media, or a pre-taped video cooking class.

Our mantra has always been to “bring people and cultures together through food” and to do it in the best way, people have to be able to talk to each other, share stories and experiences while cooking, and not just follow us while we cook.

With this activity, we have been able to organize …

  • Birthday parties for people who live very far from their loved ones
  • Surprises for those who live on different continents, and gathered them to enjoy together as if they were in the same house
Experiences for remote teams


It is true that the new normal has taken away plenty of our freedom, but it has also given us something important: time.

  • Time to slow down and enjoy the calm
  • Time to spend more quality moments with the people we love
  • Time to take care of ourselves without the rush of commitments and external diversions.

Above all, the fact that we can’t physically be with those we love or care about has made us understand that we cannot postpone quality time for the next trip.

We have experienced very exciting and happy moments, and our guests have been enthusiastic in realizing that they did not have to wait until the next vacation or the next trip to be able to share quality moments with their own people and decompress from the work routine.

Now that we have entered the new normal, we do so by taking our new priorities with us, and for this reason we have decided to stay online so that we can continue to be a bridge between people who live far away and who do not want to give up virtually joining together with their loved ones, and who want to live a stress-free culinary moment entering -virtually- in our home to cook with us.

Online Cooking Classes

The pillar at the base of the activities we have created is one and fundamental: ZERO STRESS.

We have always said that cooking at home should be a therapeutic activity for everyone, and not a source of stress. Since we are born, we are exposed to different types of stress that can be summarized in one point

→ Prove yourself! 

In our online cooking sessions the objective you have to achieve is one:

→ Have a great time!

Of course, you will learn new recipes and improve your cooking skills, but at your own pace.

cooking classes

If you want to become a restaurant professional, Eatsperience Madrid is surely not what you are looking for.

If instead, you want to

→ Have a great time ✓

Free yourself from stress

Experience the satisfaction of shaping and combining ingredients with your own hands

Create something new from scratch

Enjoy the most delicious and immediate reward (eating what you have cooked !)

don’t wait any longer and sign up for one of our courses.


Eatsperience Madrid is turning our social dinners into virtual cooking sessions! With the “new normal” we have seen how important it is …

  • Feel comfortable in our own home
  • Share quality moments with the people we love, wherever they are
  • Choose activities that contribute to our serenity and peace of mind

This is why we have decided to transform our social dinner and cooking classes into something more powerful, which breaks down geographical barriers and brings us even closer: our virtual cooking sessions!

Virtual cooking

We want each session to be personalized to suit you. Our mission is …

Stimulate your curiosity for cooking

Make you live unforgettable rewarding moments

Help you improve your culinary skills

This activity is for you.

YOU are the protagonist and you will choose if you prefer

to start a gastronomic journey only with us

or to share it with your favorite people, no matter where they live

You can choose between:

If you want a new culinary eatsperience with your friends, family, or your team, contact us to get started or sign-up for our culinary program!

I’m so excited to start cooking together with you!