At Eatsperience Madrid we help people curious about gastronomy, like you, to improve their culinary skills with personalized virtual cooking sessions. It is an activity to socialize and free of any stress: we want it to be a unique and rewarding moment for you, and above all fun.

For this reason, the classes are in real time in video call, they are not classes in pre-recorded videos. No show cooking or demonstration is planned by the cook and the pastry chef, unless we consider it necessary. Ours is a step-by-step guided assistance as participants go through the culinary process. The decision not to cook on our part has been made to guarantee the best assistance and the best price – if we are cooking we cannot follow with absolute attention everything that you are doing.

In addition, we do not want to be the protagonists of the classes, it is you who has to have a good time cooking, and not be watching us so concentrated on following what we do that you can hardly enjoy the relaxation we want you to experience.

You will be interacting all the time with us and with others, in the case of group classes. While the activity is taking place there will be an opportunity to talk and it will be an opportunity to ask for advice and suggestions on different culinary topics, and share experiences.

It is very important for us to know that no one will judge your results: you have to feel confident as between friends, if it is here it is because you want to learn something else, it may happen that something does not always come out perfect. And it does not matter. If at the end of class you feel happy, satisfied that you have learned to create something new with your own hands, and you no longer feel the tension of daily stress, then we’ll know that we have nailed it.


The prices are calculated based on the people who connect from different devices, they do not vary if your partner or your roommates are in the kitchen and cook with you.

By “person” we mean the person who enrolls in a course, regardless of whether during the class they will share their kitchen with other people: by signing up for a course you have the right to participate in classes with other people who live with you, as long as their presence does not affect the development of the activity.

In the event that the presence of other people slows down the progress of the class, or compromises its performance, we may ask you to leave the session, or we could suspend the class without being able to recover it.


You can purchase a gift card, the attendee will have 6 months to use their gift card. Return of the gift card is not accepted, but you can transfer its ownership after communicating by email to [email protected].

The risk of loss of gift cards and their ownership will be understood as transmitted to the buyer at the time of our electronic transmission to the said buyer or to the recipient indicated by the buyer. We are not responsible in case of loss, theft, or destruction of any gift card, or in the event of using it without your permission.


Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a form where we ask about your cooking level, the tools you have available in your kitchen, and any dietary restrictions. Please fill out the form within a maximum delay of 3 days.

When we receive the form, we will send you the menus, the list of ingredients so you can buy them before the cooking sessions, and the instructions to book the sessions on the dates and times you prefer.


Any communications must be via email to [email protected] In case of lack of communication, we can not assure you that the end result will be what we had proposed.


We will send you reminders so that you do not forget the dates and times of the reserved sessions, we ask you to please be punctual when connecting. On our part we promise to be punctual.

We understand that unforeseen events may occur and therefore we will have a margin of 10 minutes in case of unreported delays. After this time without receiving any communication from you, we will consider the session canceled without the possibility of recovering it.

You can contact us at any time by writing to email [email protected]


It is important that when you connect to the video call you already have the ingredients ready and measured according to the instructions that we give you, so that we can make the best use of all the time we have available.

If in doubt, you can contact us at any time by writing to email [email protected]


For group classes, no more than 5 people are allowed so as not to compromise the quality of the assistance provided.

Classes will be held 3 days per week, customers can book their sessions on the days and hours that best suit their needs by selecting on the Eatsperience Madrid calendar.


It is essential to pay 100% of the value of the course to confirm the reservation.

The accepted payment methods are bank transfer and PayPal. In the case of payment by PayPal, 3% of the total will be applied to cover the management costs.

The prices are in € (Euro) and include all applicable management costs, except in the case of PayPal where 3% of costs will be added.

Returns are not accepted, but in the event that you sign up for a course and finally cannot participate, you can transfer the ownership of the registration after communicating by email to [email protected].


It is essential that you notify us of any dietary restrictions or absence of irreplaceable tools – oven, burners, as soon as you confirm enrollment in the course filling the form that you’ll receive so that we can make the necessary modifications to the menu in time.

In the case of lack of communication, we are not responsible for the possible side effects caused by ingesting products that cause allergies.

The menus may vary depending on the temporality of the ingredients in the country in which you reside.

After having received the necessary information from you through the form, we will specify the menu and send you the list of ingredients, tools, possible instructions prior to the class, etc. You will have to take care of the purchase of the ingredients and verify that you have the required tools. We advise you to make the purchase a couple of days before the date of the class, so that if you can not find all the ingredients you can let us know in time to modify the menu.


To ensure the best experience, it is important that you use a suitable device to make video calls, and that you are connected to a high-speed internet network. In the event that we cannot carry out the class due to connection problems on your part, there is no guarantee of being able to recover the session.

You can cancel a class and exercise the right to postpone it under communication until 24 hours before the established appointment, although we request that you notify us as far in advance as possible. Requests for cancellation and modification must be made by email to the address [email protected] .

In case of cancellation or modifications requested less than 24 hours in advance, the class cannot be recovered.


By purchasing any of the online courses offered, the client accepts the terms and conditions and accepts the disclaimer detailed below.


The Client agrees that their participation in Eatsperience Madrid online cooking classes is voluntary. Furthermore, the Client agrees to assume any risk associated with participating in the event and releases Isotta Peira, Eatsperience Madrid, and their partners from any and all claims of loss or damage that may arise during the Client’s participation. Such releases are without limitation and include attorneys’ fees, personal injury, property damage, and any other losses or damages suffered by the Client.