Good morning, I hope your week is not only mild, but also very beautiful, despite this hard moment that we are living.

Last week we revealed where to find the best Italian products in Madrid. Today, however, I would like to talk to you about two aspects of the world of social dinners that we have not mentioned so far and that are fundamental: your guests and the power of reviews.

Guests, recommendations and word of mouth

When we started to organize social dinners in our flat in La Latina, we knew that we had to work in marketing and be active in social networks, but only this was not enough. We needed to be able to reach more people … and we had the solution in front of our eyes: our guests! We live in the era of reviews, before buying any type of product most people usually look first at the reviews that other people left, and who could best describe than someone who lived it, what does a social dinner experience with us mean? Then we started asking our guests to talk about Eatsperience with family and friends, so that they would find out about our existence … and the result was great! The word of mouth is very powerful, even more in case of something not as famous as social dinners, and today almost all people who live a culinary experience with us have social networks, and every time someone shares a moment with Eatsperience, we are reaching many more people than we have been in direct contact.

There are people who are dedicated to this: helping others discover culinary experiences. We had the chance to have a lovely couple here, two young people passionate about good food who have a blog where they share their passion. They are Marta and Jesús and their project is My Food Net.

My food net

As they say, My Food Net is “a blog aimed at showing the most interesting, innovative and fun places in Madrid and the rest of the world. The objective is to make each place known through its bars and restaurants and, above all, through food”. Marta and Jesús spend all their free time going to try new restaurants and bars, taste their specialties and then tell you how the experience was, adding their score for food, service and atmosphere. A few months ago they were here having dinner, they tried our menu based on fish and seafood, and we had a great time! We clearly have a lot in common, and being able to enjoy a dinner and sharing talks about our mutual passion was great because, quoting Marta, “life full of food, better life“. What I like most about their work is that, although they have a very fine taste, they love going to very different places, so in their blog you can find recommendations for any kind of restaurant and bar: elegant, sandwich bars, informal. On its website you can sort by cities and also use a map where you can directly see the location and score, it’s great! If, on the other hand, you want to get carried away by the photos – also very beautiful and made by Marta – their Instagram is the best. They have visited so many places and eaten so many dishes that I have to admit that we have a long list to try yet … but little by little we will get everyone to go!

We are very happy to know that they had a great time in our company, and that they liked the food and the experience, we were a little nervous to know that they were going to rate us, but we are very satisfied with their judgment … Do you want to know what they think about Eatsperience Madrid? Read the article they wrote about us!

Thank you

Many thanks then, to My Food Net, Marta and Jesus and a million thanks to our guests who each time tell family and friends how well they have eaten at our dinners, how fun it was to participate in our cooking classes, and how satisfied they have been calling us to cook at their homes. It is a pleasure and a pride to know you are happy. If you want to join the world of social dinners we recommend you to ask your guests to talk about you, they will always be the best testimonials.

I want to take advantage of this moment and ask you, if you have participated in one of our gastronomic experiences, to leave us a review and help our future guests to find us.

Here I say goodbye, as we commented on both Facebook and Instagram, we will stop our activities for the moment due to the health emergency. We hope to resume the usual pace as soon as possible. Of course we will continue publishing in our social networks and in the blog.

If you want information about our services, in La Latina or at your place, contact us and tell us your idea, we will be happy to make it real as soon as the situation is back to normal.

A hug,


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