Hi! Welcome. If you have come here, you may know who Andrea and I are, and social dining will already ring a bell, however, I will introduce ourselves briefly in case you do not know us. 

My name is Isotta, I am one of the two hosts and co-creator of Eatsperience Madrid – Creating a culinary experience. Andrea is my wife, and together we have created Eatsperience Madrid because we felt the need to share our passion for good food and social interaction with other people, in the city that has welcomed us and that we adore, Madrid.

The name of our project stems from the merger of these three constants: Eat, Experience, and Madrid.

A shared passion

We both love cooking and baking, and we agree that working in a restaurant would not have fulfilled us completely in our need to share time and social moments with guests. That is why started thinking and after mulling it over and doing a little research,we found the perfect fit for us: the world of social dining.

Social dining has different names, you can call it social eating, or go to a social dinner, or you can read about supper clubs, finally the concept is one: to share a social moment around a table and good homemade food, most of the time with other strangers and the local hosts. The meeting usually takes place in the home of local hosts, and what do you do? You eat! It is the responsibility of the hosts to take care of the decoration, prepare the meal, and make the guests feel at home, in addition to stimulating the conversation so that the guests get to feel at ease among themselves.

The discovery

Imagine our surprise and happiness when we discovered that we had always been thinking about social dining and had wanted to organize social dinners without knowing that this was already something that existed, and that it was already a worldwide fad! The concept has always been there, there have always been people with a host soul who loved to organize dinners and homemade meals at home, welcoming guests from all over and sharing unforgettable moments around a table. What has allowed this trend to go viral has been the Internet and the world of social networks, particularly social eating platforms, and the best worldwide at the moment is without a doubt EatWith. To make a comparison, EatWith is like an Airbnb just for experiences related to homemade food.

How does EatWith work? It’s very simple: you launch a search by city and you will see all the hosts and hostesses that offer food experiences on the dates you have selected. They can be dinners or lunches, cooking classes, food walks (often called food tours), snacks, brunch … they can change locations and menus, but the constant is one: people and good home-cooked food.

EatWith opened a universe before our eyes, it was autumn 2018 and looking at the different cities in which they operate, we saw that in Madrid at that time there were not many hosts, and we decided to launch our own experience! And well, it is not necessary to tell you now how the experience was, if after only one year we are here with our own newly launched website, many dinners, lots of positive feedback and, above all, many new friends on all continents. This trip is worth telling, but I keep it for another time.

The world of social dinners is heartwarming and allows you to meet people that perhaps you would never have met in life, and meeting new people in an intimate space is ideal to reach a very high level of trust in a very short time , and thus become friends after just one dinner.

Till next time

This is what Andrea and I do, and we feel very fortunate to have this possibility. If you want to know us a little more, both us and Eatsperience Madrid, invite you to discover and play with our website, as well as our social media, both on Instagram and Facebook, you can see more moments shared with our guests, and the homemade dishes that We cook in our apartment in La Latina, in the heart of Madrid.

In the next post we will tell you what, according to our experience, are the 5 steps to becoming a host and offering homemade meals at home, because perhaps you may want to launch yourself in the world of social dining but have doubts or are a little scared, and we want you to be part of this wonderful host community too. Here there is no jealousy or competition, it is such a beautiful thing to open the door of your home and meet people from all over the world, each with different stories and experiences to share , we don’t want you to miss it!


See you soon,


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