Hi, good morning!

As always it is a pleasure to share this time with you, thank you very much for your interest in our tales of culinary experiences. Once again it is Isotta who speaks to you, it would seem that Andrea doesn’t exist, right? But she is real, and as I said in her description in our bio she is usually quite quiet and introverted, so I fear that most of the time it will be me who will write here. Last week I told you about our Christmas holidays 2019, a trip where you met Andrea’s family and the 5 dishes that make me to Bolivia.

Today we are back in Madrid, I want to talk about two very important topics for us and that are the fundamentals of what we are building with Eatsperience: the importance of using quality ingredients and supporting small local businesses.


In big cities it is sometimes difficult to move from one place to another to find stores where you can shop with total confidence. Quality ingredients make a dish get an excellent taste, despite the ability of the cook, and many times small businesses are the best places to find this. Madrid is a great city in this regard, as Andrea and I always say “even if it is a big capital, in every neighborhood you feel as if you are in a small town” where all the people know each other and where you have your trusted stores. In La Latina, our neighborhood, we are lucky to have two of the most authentic and traditional markets in Madrid: the Galería La Paloma and the Mercado de la Cebada. If you have read our article about our 5 favorite gastronomic corners in Madrid, you are probably familiar with these markets, because I mentioned Manolo meats, Pedro’s fish, Marisa’s cheeses and Christian’s ice cream. What I didn’t mention on that occasion are the extraordinary fruits and vegetables that you can find at the Hernández brothers’ fruit shop.

Frutería Hermanos Hernández

It was the summer of 2019 and I had been testing different shops I didn’t know, looking for quality ingredients to make my dishes, and I really wanted to support the small local business. An acquaintance, then, told me that within the Mercado de la Cebad I was going to find exactly what I needed: I just had to go and look for the Hernández Brothers. They are ctually two brothers and one sister, the third generation of fruit sellers, and if you are going to visit their store you will realize that they treat you like another family member. I followed the advice and once I arrived I have been attended by Carlos, who became from that moment “my trusted man” for everything that is fruit and vegetables, both in our work and for our personal consumption. In addition to having high quality products every day, if we need something more specific or uncommon they always do everything they can to find it, they are the best. As I am quite new in the food suppliers world, I am always happy to receive any advice that helps me to better understand the seasonality of the crops, the advantages of choosing a product instead of another, and knowing more about the different varieties and qualities of a fruit or a vegetable. I sleep calm dreams knowing that Mari Carmen, Carlos and Jesus are always advising me in the best way. For me it is a peace of mind to know that I can let myself be guided by these professionals, maintaining a close and friendly relationship with them and their collaborators. Besides, a talkative like me greatly appreciates a good talk while shopping!

Have you ever heard the saying that recites: “Trust, but verify“? Well, in Italy we know it very well and last summer I ran some tests: I compared some fruits and vegetables bought at Frutería Hermanos Hernández with those of the largest supermarket chains … and well, you can imagine what the verdict was! The taste was explosive, nothing to compare with the bland products of the supermarkets.

Supporting small businesses is a bet where everyone wins: the customer gets the best products and the stores don’t succumb to the big suppliers. If you trust me and want to try their products, go to the Mercado de la Cebada, look for Frutas y Verduras Hermanos Hernández and tell Carlos, Mari Carmen or Jesus that I sent you there, maybe they won’t give you a discount but they will treat you like family!

We are not done yet

Vegetables are just some of the quality ingredients we use to create the dishes of our social dinners and cooking classes. As my nationality suggests, I can’t live without eating and offer delicious Italian products. Next week I will reveal where to find them. And until then .. Let’s support small local businesses!

See you soon, a hug


Frutería Hermanos Hernández,
Mercado de la Cebada, Madrid, 2020.
Carlos Hernández, mi hombre de confianza,
Mercado de la Cebada, Madrid, 2020.