Giving Tuesday 2020 with Chefugee: Food is Refuge

Like every year, the holiday season has arrived: one moment, it's summer, and the next, it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But today, I don't want to talk about Thanksgiving or the New Year's Eve parties. Today I want to talk to you about a wonderful initiative that we should all join: Giving Tuesday. GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to [...]

Giving Tuesday 2020 with Chefugee: Food is Refuge2020-11-27T13:33:53+01:00

5 Easy recipes to reduce your food waste

Do the terms sustainable food, sustainable cooking, and food waste sound to you? Every time we cook, we irremediably produce scraps and leftovers. Most of the time we end up throwing scraps and leftovers in the garbage, we do it automatically without thinking, but we are making a big mistake. MEET YOUR HOSTESSES FOR YOUR NEXT EATSPERIENCE, ME AND ANDREA!       We are throwing [...]

5 Easy recipes to reduce your food waste2021-07-07T14:53:31+02:00

5 Fancy easy pumpkin recipes to treat yourself

October and November in the northern hemisphere of the Earth are the months of transition from hot to cold, nature is tinged with yellow and orange, and seasonal fruit and vegetables change. The undisputed queen of this period is one: the pumpkin. Do you like pumpkin? What are your favorite pumpkin recipes? I like it very much, the sweet, strong but delicate flavor, the bright color, and it [...]

5 Fancy easy pumpkin recipes to treat yourself2021-07-07T14:55:00+02:00

World Food Day 2020: 9 Everyday Actions to Become a Food Hero

On October 16, 1945, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO was founded. To commemorate this anniversary, World Food Day is celebrated every 16th of October. The main theme changes every year, 2020 is the year of Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future. It is an invitation to take action, to try to make everyone their contribution in our daily life. Unity is [...]

World Food Day 2020: 9 Everyday Actions to Become a Food Hero2020-10-14T14:11:45+02:00

10 Ingredients that you need in your pantry for easy cooking

It can be difficult to find the time to go shopping many times a week with work and social commitments and sometimes we find ourselves at home very hungry, with limited time and few ingredients. Andrea and I always have spare ingredients that work as a base for many recipes. This way, we can always prepare something fast, tasty, and different without going crazy when we're having a [...]

10 Ingredients that you need in your pantry for easy cooking2020-10-22T13:13:22+02:00

5 Traditional Italian Recipes for New Cooks

People who love to cook do it very often, effortlessly, and without any strain, but for many the idea of ​​cooking 3 different meals each day can become one more stress that adds to their daily worries. During our online cooking sessions, many people have told me that they are a bit intimidated by trying recipes from different cultures, especially if they are very famous culinary cultures. My [...]

5 Traditional Italian Recipes for New Cooks2021-07-07T14:55:44+02:00

Virtual Cooking and the “New Normal”

Hello! I am sorry I’ve been missing for a while, and I hope with all my heart that you and your loved ones are well. It is time to resume a new rhythm and face what is now called  the "new normal". THE NEW NORMAL We are all getting back up on our feet and we are starting to hear about something called the “new normal”, and [...]

Virtual Cooking and the “New Normal”2020-10-20T10:54:39+02:00

Cauliflower steak and Maître d’Hôtel butters

Hello! I hope that you are doing well these days in your house, as well as your beloved ones. Andrea and I and our families are fine and we try to do the best we can. I am very happy because little by little I am learning to edit videos, I still have a lot to learn but I am satisfied with the results that I reached. So I [...]

Cauliflower steak and Maître d’Hôtel butters2021-07-07T15:09:46+02:00

Risotto, a dish for your quarantine

Hello and good morning, I hope that this isolation allows you to rest a little, and that you can avoid falling into boredom. A good solution in these cases is cooking, and since there are restrictions on going out, you have to take advantage of all the leftovers so that nothing is wasted. I have always been a great fan of cooking from leftovers, I love giving new and [...]

Risotto, a dish for your quarantine2021-07-07T14:56:53+02:00

Social dinners: guests and reviews

Good morning, I hope your week is not only mild, but also very beautiful, despite this hard moment that we are living. Last week we revealed where to find the best Italian products in Madrid. Today, however, I would like to talk to you about two aspects of the world of social dinners that we have not mentioned so far and that are fundamental: your guests and the power [...]

Social dinners: guests and reviews2021-07-07T15:30:04+02:00


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