Good morning, and almost weekend! The beautiful thing about Thursdays is that they are only one step away from the weekend, which for most means relax, and for others it means more work (I hope so, if not we would be in trouble!).

I hope you liked our article last week, about the importance of always using only quality ingredients in our social dinners and supporting small businesses. Today we continue with the same topic, but we leave vegetables and markets and we focus at something that, as an Italian expat, interests me a lot: Italian products in Madrid.

Italian products in Madrid

When almost a year ago we decided that Eatsperience Madrid had to become our main business, we needed to find suppliers of Italian products, among other items, and people who could support our social dinners and help us make ourselves known. I visited a few Italian stores but there was no good connection. One day I entered Mangitalia, a beautiful store on calle Galileo where the owner, Massimo, welcomed me as if I were a lifelong customer. He and his partner Luis conquered me with their kindness, sympathy and helpfulness. The first thing that surprised me was the quantity and variety of its products: pasta, sauces, hams, cheeses, flours, wines, dressings, desserts, vegetables and more. Any category of Italian products was there. I also recognized many brands of excellent quality, some more common and others more niche that I had never seen in Madrid. I bought something, went home and tried: paradise! I had to go back there. With great happiness I discovered that Massimo and Luis has loved our project and wanted to give Eatsperience a chance, and that is how we organized our first tasting with show cooking in Mangitalia. It was a very beautiful day and we, like them and their clients, were satisfied and happy. Since that time we haven’t stopped, I love meeting people with whom the connection is so strong that we feed each other dreams and support each other. We have many ideas and projects in mind, we hope to be able to realize them in the coming weeks, so don’t miss the updates!

Mangitalia’s Italian Products

I imagine that you are not only interested in knowing the labor and friendly relationship between us and Mangitalia, right? Of course not! You will be curious to know these Italian products that have made us fall in love. Then I will not make more detours, here you have them! The Italian Mangitalia products that we prefer.

  1. Stracchino. It is a creamy fresh cheese originally from the Lombardy region, very common throughout Italy but almost completely unknown abroad and very difficult to find. According to the most accredited theory, the name comes from the adjective in Lombard language “stracche”, bone tired: cows tired during the transhumance from the alpine pastures to the plains, in the short breaks they produced little milk and that cheese should be made in very Little time. It’s my favorite cheese and Andrea’s. You can use it in risottos, pizzas and piadinas, pure with bread, with sausages, but what makes me see the stars is to accompany it with pears. For a finer appetizer, I advise you to toast a slice of artisanal bread and put stracchino, strawberries and balsamic vinegar cream (in Mangitalia there are very rich balsamic vinegars too).
  2. Truffle powder. It is a discovery for me, I had never used it and only recently imported it in Mangitalia from Italy. This is one of the best Italian products I’ve tried so far, if you’re a truffle lover. You have to love her because her taste and smell is so powerful that if you are not a fan it is not for you. I, who love truffles almost as much as I love my wife, have gone mad. It comes from the black summer truffle, which although less expensive and known than the famous black truffle, and in its less tasty natural version, to cook the powder is spectacular. It allows you to prepare truffle flavored dishes in the tranquility of your home, and costs less than pure black truffle. We have used truffle powder to make vegetarian burgers and handmade pasta, and the result is phenomenal. We will share all these recipes during cooking classes that will begin soon in collaboration with Mangitalia, I am very excited!
  3. Pasta, rice, flour and sauces. I know, it’s not specific .. I just can’t choose! There are classic pastas, pasta flavors, rice for risotto, flour for pasta, for bread, sauces and bases for salsa of excellent quality. Many variants without gluten. I never know how to decide. In addition, they have frozen stuffed pasta that is exquisite. I use it a lot and the truth is that it surprises you: it seems freshly made, the taste is amazing and it only takes 4 minutes to make. For a big social dinner we had last year we cooked this pasta stuffed with a pesto from Genoa, accompanied by a sauce of Sicilian pachino tomatoes confined in buffalo butter – all imported by Mangitalia – and it’s the end of the world.


I could continue to spend hours choosing what I like most about that store, because I really love all the Italian products they have, but I don’t want to reveal all the secrets either. I want you to go and discover the endless gastronomic possibilities that await you in Mangitalia. If you want to be aware of our collaborations, subscribe to Eatsperience Madrid newsletter, we will notify you with the dates and details of tastings, cooking classes and new recipes. And, please, for any question or curiosity you have, do not hesitate to contact us, through our website, Facebook, Instagram or by phone. This week is everything, do not forget this Friday our Italian aperitivo: Massimo and Luis will make us taste delicious Sicilian wines, see you at Mangitalia?

Ciao Ciao,


Luis & Massimo, Mangitalia,
Madrid 2020.