Project Description

A new take on online cooking classes

Do you want to share a fun and stress-free moment with family and friends, no matter where they live? Do you want to improve your cooking skills, while living a unique experience without leaving home?

Book a virtual cooking session!

We’ve revolutionized the concept of online cooking classes so that you can have the best assistance adapted to your kitchen, your rhythms, and in real-time.

Let’s live a culinary experience together!

How does it work?

  1. Choose the program that you like best

  2. Let us know if you have any dietary needs

  3. We confirm the menu, send you the list of ingredients and we schedule a video call(s) – Time zone (CEST)

  4. We guide you step by step until your dishes are ready

  5. After the sessions, we follow up via email, we share the recipes and we make ourselves available for future questions

  6. The service is available in English, Spanish, Italian and French

Choose your program

Why Virtual Cooking?

As it is a very new concept, we think it’s best to explain how it works, so you can see if it is the perfect activity for you!

The classes are all in a real-time video call, they are not video pre-recorded. There is no show cooking or demonstration by the cook and the pastry chef, as it will be step-by-step guided assistance while the participants carry out the culinary process. We decided not to cook and guide only because we want to guarantee the best assistance to the participants, and at the best price. Participants will interact with us and each other all the time, while the activity is taking place there will be an opportunity to talk and to ask for advice and suggestions on different culinary topics.

What we offer

We want it to be a stress-free and unique experience for you, where you can learn to make different recipes as if you were cooking with your friends and not in a cooking course. We want you to connect with your culinary traditions and share ours with you. Above all, we don’t want you to feel the pressure of the final result: this is a space to give yourself a moment free from any stress and judgment, you are here to have a good time and feel gratified for creating different plates with your own hands.

Put your apron on and start cooking!

To ensure the best experience, it’s important that participants use a suitable device to make video calls, and that they are connected to a high-speed internet network.

More questions? Contact us! We want you to feel completely comfortable even before signing up for your first course.

Meghan, USA

Isotta and Andre are incredible! We enjoyed our experience with so much, and cannot wait to book them again! Fantastic food, great teachers, and lovely conversation. Great experience, and we had a blast!



Surprise your loved ones and get them an online cooking course, or get yourself your own:

Traditional Italian Recipes
French Cuisine and Pastry
Comfort Food for the Perfect Movie Night
Kids cooking courses
Group Sessions – Share a Culinary Moment

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Want more synergy with your remote team?

A virtual cooking or virtual baking session is a great way to strengthen interpersonal relationships and create friendships that will ensure greater team cohesion.
If you are a company and you want to offer your team an online cooking class for small groups, this is the brand-new activity you don’t want to miss!