Project Description


Those who have been fortunate enough to know their grandparents and get along with them, certainly have participated in many meals “at Grandma’s”. It does not matter if your grandma cooks very well, or normal, or if she did not actually cook the meal, the experience of eating at your grandparents is magical. I really miss these moments so I decided to become my grandmother and share with you some of the typical dishes of our homemade tradition, giving them a gourmet touch that gives you originality without taking away their authenticity.

The wine is included, after dessert coffee and herbal liqueur will be offered.

May include nuts, spices | Non-vegan | Not vegetarian
If you need any changes in the menu please contact me, we can use different ingredients according to your nutritional needs.

This has been the highlight of my lockdown. Isotta and Andrea are super sweet, kind and VERY patient. It felt like friends hanging out and cooking a nice meal. Their versatility is also great – combining the cooking and baking skills, best of both worlds! We had already 3 different sessions and we’re planning the next one. Super recommended!

Eliz, France

Isotta and Andre are incredible! We enjoyed our experience with so much, and cannot wait to book them again! Fantastic food, great teachers, and lovely conversation. Great experience, and we had a blast!

Meghan, USA