Project Description

I only lived in Paris for six months but its atmosphere and the French cuisine will stay in my heart forever.

When we think of the concept of French cuisine, the first things that come to mind are elegant restaurants, fancy dishes, and fine pastry. This is true, but French cuisine is much more.

When I lived there I understood that French cuisine is the taste for good food on the table for all families, it’s taking care of ourselves with the taste, the textures, and the colors. We all deserve to enjoy this at home and don’t be surprised if I tell you that you can prepare your own French delicatessen whenever you want.

In this course, you will learn to cook traditional meals from different regions around France that have become a staple in my own life.

For the desserts, a professional pastry chef educated in France will teach you the basic techniques to succeed in French pastry. You will enjoy yourself while acquiring valuable cooking knowledge that will last you a lifetime.

The course includes:

  • 5 Individual sessions of 2.5h-3h

  • 5 Main dishes, 5 side dishes, 5 desserts

  • 2 Dedicated consultancies for both cooking and pastry processes

  • All of the branded recipes

  • Welcome email with prep instructions

  • Branded course participation certificate

Final price

French pastry chef
Pastelería francessa


I’m Martina and I live in beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

Has it ever happened to you that no matter how meticulously you have planned your path, your true passion was so strong that you had no choice but to follow it?
That is the story of my life with pastry. 

I originally studied marketing but realized that baking was my true passion. At only nineteen years old, I opened up a small pastry business and after college, I moved to France to become a professional Pastry chef. 

I’m here to share with you amazing recipes and my professional secrets, so you can be a part of the classic French pâtisserie world. By acquiring some techniques and basic knowledge you will be able to bring some of France to your kitchen. You will learn about creams & their derivatives, different types of meringues, biscuits & petit fours, doughs & their technical uses, sponge cakes, and decorating techniques.

Baking is my greatest love; learning new recipes, mastering a family favorite, experimenting with structure and form. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of creating an original recipe that is loved by others. My love for baking has always inspired me to try new things and push my pastry skills.

I was raised in Bolivia by strong women who taught me to be passionate about, well, anything and everything that fed my heart.

I want to encourage you to feed your passion for food, and learn with the ones you love in a fun and stress-free way and to help you create delicious as well as beautiful desserts.


Eliz, France

This has been the highlight of my lockdown. Isotta and Andrea are super sweet, kind and VERY patient. It felt like friends hanging out and cooking a nice meal. Their versatility is also great – combining the cooking and baking skills, best of both worlds! We had already 3 different sessions and we’re planning the next one. Super recommended!