5 Traditional Italian Recipes for New Cooks

People who love to cook do it very often, effortlessly, and without any strain, but for many the idea of ​​cooking 3 different meals each day can become one more stress that adds to their daily worries. During [...]

Risotto, a dish for your quarantine

Hello and good morning, I hope that this isolation allows you to rest a little, and that you can avoid falling into boredom. A good solution in these cases is cooking, and since there are restrictions on going out, [...]

Social dinners: guests and reviews

Good morning, I hope your week is not only mild, but also very beautiful, despite this hard moment that we are living. Last week we revealed where to find the best Italian products in Madrid. Today, however, I would [...]

The best Italian products in Madrid

Good morning, and almost weekend! The beautiful thing about Thursdays is that they are only one step away from the weekend, which for most means relax, and for others it means more work (I hope so, if not we [...]

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