Tales of culinary experiences

  • Stop food waste

5 Easy recipes to reduce your food waste

Do the terms sustainable food, sustainable cooking, and food waste sound to you? Every time we cook, we irremediably produce scraps and leftovers. Most of the time we end up throwing scraps and leftovers in the garbage, we [...]

  • pumpkin recipes

5 Fancy easy pumpkin recipes to treat yourself

October and November in the northern hemisphere of the Earth are the months of transition from hot to cold, nature is tinged with yellow and orange, and seasonal fruit and vegetables change. The undisputed queen of this period [...]

  • 5 Traditional Italian Recipes for New Cooks

5 Traditional Italian Recipes for New Cooks

People who love to cook do it very often, effortlessly, and without any strain, but for many the idea of ​​cooking 3 different meals each day can become one more stress that adds to their daily worries. During [...]

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