Good Morning! At the beginning I was a little nervous with the idea of ​​writing our own blog, but the truth is that it is growing on me. I’ve always liked to write, and now that I can do it and talk about what I like the most, (and above all with no one to interrupt me!), It’s a phenomenal feeling!

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In the previous post, and first publication, I introduced you to the world of social dining and commented in a very superficial way what a social dinner event consists of, how social eating platforms work, and what are the dynamics between local hosts and guests. As I anticipated, today I will tell you how to turn your apartment into a supper club, and become a host,  and become part of this trend that many people around the world take part of: social dining with local host and homemade quality food. I present the 5 steps to become a social dining host and start organizing social dinner at home, and receive guests from your city and from the other side of the world

The 5 steps to become a host

  1. Do some research on websites like EatWith, Mamaz Social Food and Airbnb Cooking Experiences, and get to know how they work. Before becoming a host it is important to know the customer experience on these websites, learn how each one shows the results and how they categorize the different experiences, the information that appears and the reservation process. Pay close attention to how the local hosts present themselves, the menus they offer and, above all, the comments and reviews that their guests have left them: you have to know what your future guests look for and value, in order to offer them an unforgettable experience.
  2. Once you understand the mechanism, you need a menu. It seems obvious, but the choice of dishes is not always as easy as it seems, you have to take into account some variables. It is not enough that your food is homemade and has a high quality, you have to capture the attention of the guest and offer something exclusive: there is no fixed rule that always works for all hosts, because precisely your own person and character play a fundamental role in a Social dinner. There are those who specialize in traditional dishes,  those who have an exclusive location, and those who can offer a menu suitable for different food restrictions. Our advice is to test your menu, take what you like to cook and develop your experience in that direction, friends and family will always be happy to help you as guests, and enjoy your dishes without paying anything!
  3. Now that you have a slightly more defined idea of ​​the experience you are going to propose, it is time to sign up to social eating platforms, gastronomic experiences, supper clubs in your city, culinary activities and gastronomic tourism and become a host. Depending on the platform, the process may take a couple of weeks before your social dining experience is approved, the important thing is that in one of your tests you have taken good quality photos of the food, people enjoying your dinner, and the environment . Your future guests want to see what awaits them.
  4. A somewhat critical point in this process is to choose how much your experience will cost your guest. Do not be afraid to put a price on your experience: you have not even had your first social dinner and have already been working for it for at least 3 weeks, including menu testings, dinner trials, photos and approval process of your experiences. Also, you have to take into account your menu, the price of the ingredients and the complexity of the dishes you will prepare, and the time you will devote to preparation. You are spending your time creating an unforgettable experience for your guests and cooking quality homemade dishes –this must be valued. Looking at how other hosts price their experiences can give you an idea of ​​the trends.
  5. Listen to the opinions of those who helped you in your trials, and don’t worry that everything is perfect in your first social dinner, it will never be perfect! The good thing is that your guests most  likely will not realize all the imperfect details that you will see, it will be your kindness, the quality of your food, the intimate and relaxed atmosphere and the talks that will make your guests never want to leave, and that you don’t want them to leave. I know that it seems easier to say it than to do it, even after a year we still get excited and nervous at each dinner, the important thing is not to panic. Those who come to your house will always be open, kind and friendly human beings. It is an activity that, although it is a worldwide trend, it is still for a specific niche, people with a closed mentality and used to misjudging others will most likely not book to go to a social dining room at the home of an unknown host.

Good luck

You can launch now! We hope you find these tips useful, and if you decide to become a host, or hostess, of your city, we will be happy to know how you did. You can contact us at any time through the Eatsperience Madrid website, or through our social networks Instagram and Facebook.

Next time we will reveal our 5 favorite gastronomic corners of our city, Madrid.

A hug


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