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April 2020

Cauliflower steak and Maître d’Hôtel butters


Hello! I hope that you are doing well these days in your house, as well as your beloved ones. Andrea and I and our families are fine and we try to do the best we can. I am very happy because little by little I am learning to edit videos, I still have a lot to learn but I am satisfied with the results that I reached. So I [...]

Cauliflower steak and Maître d’Hôtel butters2020-04-02T18:33:37+02:00

March 2020

Risotto, a dish for your quarantine


Hello and good morning, I hope that this isolation allows you to rest a little, and that you can avoid falling into boredom. A good solution in these cases is cooking, and since there are restrictions on going out, you have to take advantage of all the leftovers so that nothing is wasted. I have always been a great fan of cooking from leftovers, I love giving new and [...]

Risotto, a dish for your quarantine2020-03-20T16:50:48+01:00

Social dinners: guests and reviews


Good morning, I hope your week is not only mild, but also very beautiful, despite this hard moment that we are living. Last week we revealed where to find the best Italian products in Madrid. Today, however, I would like to talk to you about two aspects of the world of social dinners that we have not mentioned so far and that are fundamental: your guests and the power [...]

Social dinners: guests and reviews2020-03-12T09:12:32+01:00

The best Italian products in Madrid


Good morning, and almost weekend! The beautiful thing about Thursdays is that they are only one step away from the weekend, which for most means relax, and for others it means more work (I hope so, if not we would be in trouble!). I hope you liked our article last week, about the importance of always using only quality ingredients in our social dinners and supporting small businesses. Today [...]

The best Italian products in Madrid2020-03-04T16:48:24+01:00

February 2020

Quality ingredients and small local business


Hi, good morning! As always it is a pleasure to share this time with you, thank you very much for your interest in our tales of culinary experiences. Once again it is Isotta who speaks to you, it would seem that Andrea doesn’t exist, right? But she is real, and as I said in her description in our bio she is usually quite quiet and introverted, so I fear [...]

Quality ingredients and small local business2020-03-04T15:11:41+01:00

The 5 Bolivian dishes that take me to Bolivia


Good morning and good new week! I am very eager to cover today's topic: the 5 Bolivian dishes that take me to Bolivia, and tell you about Andrea's family, how beautiful her country is and the delicious food. Last time I told you about my family, a part of it, and my 5 homemade most beloved recipes, which remind me of moments with my parents, my sister and my [...]

The 5 Bolivian dishes that take me to Bolivia2020-02-19T15:08:46+01:00

My 5 most beloved homemade recipes


Good Morning! Here I am, Isotta, to speak to you again. As you can read in our bio I am quite chatty ,and I like to write and tell about what I am passionate about, post on Instagram and Facebook about what we cook and eat, anyway… as you can tell I am the outgoing one of the couple! Eatsperience is also our baby, I feel proud and happy [...]

My 5 most beloved homemade recipes2020-02-19T11:35:34+01:00

Our 5 favorite gastronomic corners


Hello Hello! It is a pleasure to be here again, I am Isotta, with my wife Andrea we have created Eatsperience Madrid - Creating a culinary experience, brand with which we organize social dinners in our adopted city, Madrid. If this is the first time you read our blog and want to know us a little more, you can do it on the Eatsperience page, on our Facebook or [...]

Our 5 favorite gastronomic corners2020-11-27T13:26:53+01:00

January 2020

Los 5 pasos para volverte anfitrión de social dining


¡Buenos días! Al principio estaba un poco nerviosa con la idea de escribir nuestro propio blog, pero la verdad le estoy tomando un cierto gustito. Siempre me ha gustado escribir, y ahora que puedo hacerlo y hablar de lo que más me gusta, (¡y encima sin nadie que me interrumpa!), ¡es una sensación fenomenal! Soy Isotta, si es la primera vez que aterrizas en este blog, puedes visitar nuestra [...]

Los 5 pasos para volverte anfitrión de social dining2020-02-13T10:51:56+01:00

Social dining: a new culinary experience in Madrid


Hi! Welcome. If you have come here, you may know who Andrea and I are, and social dining will already ring a bell, however, I will introduce ourselves briefly in case you do not know us.  My name is Isotta, I am one of the two hosts and co-creator of Eatsperience Madrid - Creating a culinary experience. Andrea is my wife, and together we have created Eatsperience Madrid because [...]

Social dining: a new culinary experience in Madrid2020-02-13T10:49:35+01:00

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