We create unforgettable dining experiences.

We live in a time when people are more connected than ever through technology, and at the same time, completely disconnected at the human level.

Our first step to regain the closeness between individuals is to open our doors and provide an unforgettable dining experience to anyone who wants to break bread with new people and experience the concept of social dining.

Join our table,
a new dining experience
awaits you.

Most stories that are worth telling start around a table. We want your experience to be so authentic that when you leave, you cannot wait to tell others how amazing it was to sit in a supper club with unknown people and finish the meal being friends.

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This has been the highlight of my lockdown. Isotta and Andrea are super sweet, kind and VERY patient. It felt like friends hanging out and cooking a nice meal. Their versatility is also great – combining the cooking and baking skills, best of both worlds! We had already 3 different sessions and we’re planning the next one. Super recommended!

Eliz, France

Isotta and Andre are incredible! We enjoyed our experience with so much, and cannot wait to book them again! Fantastic food, great teachers, and lovely conversation. Great experience, and we had a blast!

Meghan, USA

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